1. American Hot

    green chilli, green pepper, pepperoni and onions
  2. Apna style pizza

    chicken tikka, keema, green chilli, onion and green peppers
  3. Asian Special

    Tomato , Chilli Base , Mushrooms , Onion ,Chicken Ticka, Spicy Beef
  4. BBQ Chicken

    bbq sauce base, green pepper, chicken, extra cheese and onion
  5. BBQ Meatball

    with bbq sauce,meatballs,extra mozzarella cheese,mixed peppers and onions
  6. California

    sun dried tomatoes, spinach, feta cheese and red onion
  7. Cheese Lovers

    3 cheese blend with fresh tomato
  8. Chicken Lovers

    chicken and mozzarella
  9. Chicken Supreme

    tandoori chicken,chicken tikka,mexican chicken and extra cheese
  10. Chicken Tikka

    green pepper, jalapeno, mushroom and chicken tikka
  11. Donner Pizza

    double cheese and double doner
  12. Finest Special

    green pepper, mushroom, sweetcorn, ham, pepperoni, ground beef and onion
  13. Hawaiian

    ham and pineapple
  14. Hot and Spicy Pizza

    chilli, tandoori chicken, onion and green pepper
  15. Meat Lovers

    beef, ham, meatballs and pepperoni
  16. Mexican Hot

    green pepper, jalapeno, ground beef and onions
  17. Original Margherita

    Mozzarella cheese & tomato Sauce
  18. Pepperoni Lovers

    mozzarella, pepperoni and more pepperoni
  19. Seafood

    fresh tomato, mushrooms, prawns and tuna
  20. Veggie Lovers

    mushrooms, green pepper, onions, sweetcorn and black olives
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